Keine Streithilfe vor EuG wegen Schadensersatzbegehren gegen Kläger

Der EuGH lässt Schenker (Deutsche Bahn) nicht zum Verfahren über Geldbußen in Luftfracht zu. Der Präsident hat das Gericht am 8. Juni 2012 bestätigt ( C-602/11 P(I)). Aus dem Beschluss (Rdnr. 15):

 Contrary to the claim made by Schenker, the mere fact that an undertaking might possibly be affected by high prices caused by an alleged cartel does not distinguish it sufficiently from the other economic operators in the relevant sector which are also affected by the anti-competitive practices of the members of a cartel. It follows that the fact that an undertaking is a customer of the undertakings participating in a cartel is not sufficient, in itself, to establish the right to intervene in a case in which the undertakings accused of participating in the cartel challenge the legality of the decision establishing and punishing the alleged cartel.

Und aus Rrnr. 24:

… to recognise that each physical or legal person who could potentially bring a civil action for damages for loss resulting from the anti‑competitive conduct of an undertaking has a direct and existing interest in the result of a case for the purposes of Article 40 of the Statute of the Court of Justice would risk seriously undermining the effectiveness of the procedure before the Courts of the European Union. Such an interpretation would not be consistent with either the letter or the spirit of Article 40 thereof.

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