Nicholas Banasevic Head of Unit C3

mLex [Paywall] berichtet soeben, dass Nicholas Banasevic zum Head of Unit C3 (“IT, Internet and Consumer Electronics”) ernannt wurde. Dort wird das Google-Verfahren bearbeitet, wie auch die Verfahren in Sachen FRAND/standard-essential patents. Zu letzteren Kommissar Almunia heute in Lausanne:

Other indications of a strategic use of patents come from the mobile communications industry, which the media describe as a ‘patent war’. Let’s see why the war broke out in the first place.

Thousands of patents are needed to build a modern smartphone, including some common standards required to exchange information with other devices.

The companies that hold standard-essential patents have a large market power, which they can use to threaten to ban the products of competitors from the market.

In the worst-case scenario, these legal battles can effectively hold up the entire industry to the detriment of users.

This is unacceptable and I am determined to prevent such hold-ups.

The patent wars are keeping us increasingly busy …

Banasevic war im Case Team für Microsoft (2005) und Case Manager in den Verfahren Intel (2009) und Rambus (2009). Sein CV (bei Concurrences):

Nicholas Banasevic is Deputy Head of Unit in the Information Industries, Internet and Consumer Electronics Unit of the Competition Directorate General (DG) of the European Commission. Mr. Banasevic joined DG Competition in 2000. The majority of his time there has been spent on the Commission’s Microsoft investigation, where he was one of the team which worked on the Commission’s March 2004 Decision. He continues to work on issues relating to the implementation of this Decision. Mr. Banasevic has also worked on a number of anti-trust cases relating to standard-setting. Prior to joining DG Competition, Mr. Banasevic was seconded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to DG Enlargement of the European Commission for 4 years. Before that, Mr. Banasevic worked in the DTI’s Competition Directorate, primarily on EU merger cases.

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