ManProc – die vertrauliche Vertraulichkeit

Im Blog Chillin’ Competition gibt es einen netten Kommentar zur Veröffentlichung des ManProc zu lesen:

The Manual of Procedure is much more comprehensive than what I think most of us had expected (even if the non-confidential version -which has 277 pages- appears to be half as long as the original one, which according to the Ombudsman was “roughly 500 pages”) … The only thing I find missing in the public version is a summary description of the content that has not been included in the Manual because of confidentiality concerns. It would have been nice if the Commission had followed the instructions set out in its own guidance on confidentiality claims which state that “[f]rom the non-confidential version it has to be clear where information has been deleted“.

Stimmt. Zur Vorgeschichte hier und hier zum DG Competition informal guidance paper on confidentiality claims.


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