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About Monopolization and Dominance Handbook

The proper antitrust treatment of monopolizing conduct is an area of perennial uncertainty and debate. The Monopolization and Dominance Handbook aims to give the reader an overview of the treatment of such conduct in the United States, with particular attention to areas of ambiguity and uncertainty, together with comparative discussion of approaches to such issues in jurisdictions outside the United States. The Monopolization and Dominance Handbook addresses the antitrust rules and principles that govern unilateral business conduct by firms with substantial market positions, referred to in the United States as the law of monopolization. In addition, the Handbook compares and contrasts the approaches of courts and enforcers in the United States in this area of the law with those of counterparts in other jurisdictions.

The Handbook begins with a discussion of the economic principles that form the basis for the law of monopolization. It goes on to address monopoly power, the first element in the offense of monopolization, followed by an extensive discussion of the second, and perhaps most controversial element, illegal monopolizing conduct. The offenses of attempt to monopolize and conspiracy to monopolize are next considered. The Handbook goes on to address how the law of monopolization is enforced and the challenges of crafting appropriate remedies for monopolization, another area that is subject to much debate. It closes with a chapter on issues and developments in other jurisdictions, as well as attempts at international convergence.

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