Lese-Tip fürs Wochenende: Internet und “Monopole”

Heute leider keine Zeit für Kartellblog., daher nur diese Empfehlung zur Lektüre:

Tim Wu, “In the Grip of the New Monopolists”, im Wall Street Journal als Abrundung einer Buch-Publikation.

Dazu zum Beispiel:

What struck us about Wu’s column was that there was not even a thin veil over the “big is bad” theme of the essay.

But even if one accepts Wu’s artificial, narrowly-defined industry sub-sectors (and I certainly don’t), he completely ignores the competition taking place among many of these giants and the fact that innovation and new entry continues at a healthy clip.

… the ubiquity of the web arguably makes monopolies more difficult to maintain, not less.

Spannend, unbedingt ansehen.

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