Roadmap Sammelklagen

EU-Wettbewerbskomissar Almunia hat die nächsten Schritte der EU in Richtung “Sammelklagen” / “collective redress” / “private enforcement” am 15. Oktober 2010 in einer Rede so beschrieben:

… earlier this week [am 12. Oktober 2010] the College of Commissioners discussed a joint information note signed by my colleagues Reding [Justiz] and Dalli [Verbrauchersschutz], and myself. The note calls for a coherent European framework to strengthen collective redress drawing as much as possible on the different national traditions.

The note lists five common principles which could underpin any future EU initiatives on collective redress in several policy areas. I would like to make this point clear; private enforcement of competition rules is one key element of a collective redress strategy at EU level, but not the only one. For instance, environment and consumer protection are two of the policy domains that could benefit from coordinated reforms in this area.

What are the principles included in the information note? I would like to mention five:

–  We support effective compensation for everyone who has suffered damages, recalling that in many cases group claims are cheaper and more effective than a large number of individual claims.

–  We need measures to avoid abusive litigation;

–  We should create opportunities to resolve disputes either through settlements or using alternative systems;

–  We require the ability to enforce collective judgements throughout the EU; and

–  We should provide adequate financing to give citizens and businesses fair access to justice.

Finally, the note announces that we will hold a public consultation, which will be launched in November and will run until the end of February next year.

Die “note” ist nicht öffentlich.

Zum Fahrplan der Kommission bereits hier.

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