Schadensersatz gegen Kartelle: Tandem-Lösung der EU

Die Financial Times berichtet heute:

The prospect of more damages claims has frightened European business groups and US multinationals – in spite of repeated assurances by competition officials that they had no intention of paving the way for US-style “class action” lawsuits. In the face of heavy political lobbying, right up to the office of José Manuel Barroso, European Commission president, Ms Kroes was unable to push through a legislative proposal before leaving office.

Now, according to John Dalli, the new EU consumer commissioner, the plan is to undertake a further “intense stakeholder consultation” on the competition-related proposals later this year, together with a broader, but far less advanced plan to improve “collective redress” for consumers in the face of product failures and the like, which is being pursued by his own department.

Mr Dalli said he hoped that this two-pronged consultation could take place later this year. The aim would then be for the competition and consumer initiatives to progress separately but in parallel.

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